Friday, September 02, 2005



So, after about two months, we released a new version of libwpd (0.8.3). There are some nice changes that allow libwpd to convert the text formating in a more faithful way than before. It also helped to clean a bit the libwpd internals which can be quite an advantage for future development. Those who build with system libwpd are encouraged to upgrade and profit immediately. Those who use the internal libwpd have to wait untill the CWS fs04 is integrated.

more java

On another note, if you have problem building with certain version of JavaTM, please consider checking whether CWS morejava is not solving your problem. With this CWS integrated, I have built SRC680_m125 using jdk 1.3.1 to 1.5.0. Many thanks to Cyrille Moureaux and others who gave hands with this work.

chose promise chose due

In CWS mdbdriver02, we were introducing a new module in the external project. Pavel asked me to blog about the procedure and I kind of promissed it. Chose promise, chose due! So, I am doing it now.

  1. First of all, the alias has to be created. The best way is to ask the maintainer of the external project, unless you want to know the CollabNet procedures out of curiosity. But, even then, it is good idea to have his green light.
  2. Once the alias is created, there will be no tag on this module. So you will have to work on HEAD and mention in the comments of your CWS that it introduces a new module.
  3. When the alias is created, there will not be necessarily the directory corresponding to your module in the external project's CVS. You will have to create one and here is the difficulty:
    • If you checkout from the CVS the "external" module (cvs co external), you will get actually the "util/external", the directory "external" from util project's CVS. If you create a new directory, it will be committed into the util project that you do not really want.
    • In order to check out the "right" "external", you must checkout one of the directories of external project whose name is not identical to a directory in "util/external". For instance, "cvs co external/libwpd". You will have to position yourselves besides the libwpd subdirectory (in this case) in external directory, create a new directory and commit it using cvsadd. After that, you can checkout your module and work on it as usual, still remembering that you are working on HEAD.

Ok, I do not know whether it was clear enough, but if you meet the problem, you will understand it for sure.


I am looking forward to see you people there. I also hope to find there a short moment to hack a little bit more the libwpd.