Tuesday, October 25, 2005


The 2004 was basically about it. We thought about it, we read books in order to be prepared for it, we planned it, we were dreaming about it and even breathing with it. It was supposed to be ready sometimes in the middle of November, but the codebase became so mature that a release on 25 October 2004 imposed itself naturally. Since then we are spending almost all of our time maintaining it. We learned a lot about it and from it. It brought us a lot of new knowledge and even some new friends. It has become the main topic of our conversations. During the year, the length of code almost doubled and the resulting package is about three times the initial volume. Even though it was released under strictly proprietary terms, we love it and it brought us a lot of joy. It is highly unlikely that we will license it ever to anybody under any condition. What is it so precious?

His name is Patrick Štrba and he is the God-given son of ours. We thank God for his first year of life and pray that He protects him in the mighty way He has been doing until now.

Happy birthday, sweetheart