Monday, April 03, 2006

Back again

Long time since I blogged the last time! No valid excuses coming to my mind, so not giving any. vs. - close call

Every time I find a bit of time, I am trying to advance in the field of converting headers and footers in older WordPerfect formats (WP 5.x for Unix/DOS/Windows and WP 3.0 - 3.5e for Mac). A nice bunch of code is sitting in my computer. The only problem is that I cannot commit it since the project CVS services are off-line (partial outrage) since Wednesday. Although the match vs. was starting clearly bad for the later, it becomes a close call now.

WordPerfect for Mac 3.5 extended file-format

It is starting to be a bit problematic to convert documents that I am not able to see with the original application. For simple features it was OK. For headers and footers, one has to go through about 2 A4 sheets of hexadecimal garbage for every meaningful paragraph. It was really a genial idea to incorporate all formatting information into the document stream. It makes WordPerfect to be quick to render the document, but a programmer with ghex2 trying to convert it has a hard task.


Thanks to Hanno Meyer-Thurow of Gentoo phame and his skills with gdb, the M$ Access driver in mdbdriver02 CWS is not crashing any more with the Northwind.mdb Orders table. Nevertheless, there is still a bit of work to be done before it is ready for the spotlights. But, we are advancing.

Code review

It is something that is missing in, but it could really improve the quality of the code. (IMHO of a trained monkey, naturally.) I am excited about the fact that Frank Schönheit is wanting to review the code of the mdbdriver02 CWS.