Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Some precisions

/me is amused to see different conjectures concerning the WordPerfectTM Graphics documents importer. It is true that the base of this importer will be code that was written mainly by your servant for the libwpg project. I do not see any reason why not to use what was already done and extend it instead of trying to reinvent the wheel. The result will be a library reading images in WPG1 and WPG2 format and a filter built on the top of this library with an API that will be easily used for writing either a command line converter or a filter based on XFilter framework. Exactly like our writerperfect module is an importer built on the top of libwpd.

The resulting library may be used afterwards by other projects, like Inkscape or Karbon14, since the library's API will be following close the SVG properties of different objects. /me is looking forward to mentoring the student who is quite experienced in writing import/export filters for a big FOSS project.