Sunday, September 17, 2006

It's a kind of magic

As many of us, TrainedMonkeyTM also left Lyon and reached safely his home and rejoiced to meet again his beautiful wife and his handsome son. How long can be five days when your heart is missing someone!

As Louis rightly mentioned, each OOoCON has a special flavour. This one had a flavour of the "andouillettes" and "quenelles de poisson" ;-) For details, ask Pavel Janík!

There is nevertheless something special, I would even say something magic, about the community (and I speak with a special reference to the developer community). It disregards almost all cleavages that exist in the FOSS realm. You can see during the dinner Jody seconded by TrainedMonkeyTM discussing about the relevance of GObject framework with Éric Bischoff, a KDE developer. You can see Novell/Suse developers having nice time with the RedHat one; Ubuntu maintainer teasing (I have to confess that with a big help from your servant) the Debian maintainer. You can even find Sun developers running MS Windows on their laptops ;-) A bunch of men and women, far from petty tribal conflicts, trying to have fun hacking on a project they believe in. And this is the setting that I really love and appreciate. The only negative part is that I was not able to get the t-shirt. I do not know whether it is due to the fact that I have no car ;-)

And just to add: Charles, I may understand your disappointment with some events, but NO, I AM NOT IN WAR AGAINST ANYBODY!