Wednesday, October 04, 2006


It is some months today that I am desperately looking for a job that would allow me to feed my family and provide for them a more or less decent life. The task can make one feel frustrated until the point of asking oneself about one's own value and about the value of FOSS involvement.

One of the frustrating things is that some of the most hip companies in the market, after they screen you on the phone and/or after they make you come some hundreds of kilometres during your holiday for an interview, and after even promising you that you will have their news in some days, keep silence for sometimes as long as one year. Yes, it might be that your servant is not good at all and that the interview/telephone screen showed it clearly. The point is that the courtesy of saying: "Sorry, we chose other candidate" or "Sorry, you profile is not corresponding to our needs" would be at least a feed-back.

The impression is that my FOSS involvement is welcome and appreciated when it is a free work given (I do not say I did not do it gladly and that it did not bring me joy at certain point of time), but as soon as I put a price-tag on my competences, it stops being so interesting for many. Quite frustrating discovery

OK, just trying to ventilate some of my frustrations. Sorry for eating up of your reading time.