Monday, May 21, 2007

An (almost) ideal build box :-)

It was supposed to be cold this weekend, since it started by quite an abundant rain, and our central heating is not considering May as winter month anymore. So, I decided to do something to increase the temperature of our apartment. I have a little Sony Vaio PCG-SR11K laptop lying around. It used to be a nice little tiny and portable machine in its time with the cute 10.5" display with a resolution of 1024x768. But, given the Pentium III processor, running at 600 MHz, and 256 MB of memory, it is working quite well for reading e-mail, browsing web and doing some little other tasks, powered by SuSE Linux Enterprise Desktop naturally, but building does not look like a great idea.

Yes, sure, if a quick build is what one wants to obtain... Nevertheless, I gave it a try. Just for the sake of preventing the processor of being too idle during the build I tried two builds in parallel. A stock ooo-build (our dear Novell version) configured --with-distro=SUSE and a vanilla SRC680_m210 with the CWS writerfilter2 integrated. The later build was with as many system libraries as possible and also with the --without-stlport4 option.

I put the laptop in a position to be sure that the CPU fan has a lot of air circulation and fired the two builds at 19:00 on Friday. The ooo-build one (without the SDK and binfilter) was finished on Sunday somewhere between 10:30 and 13:00 (I checked it when back from Church, so I cannot give smaller time fork). The vanilla build finished partially on Sunday at about 18:00. Yes, I forgot about the damned extra qualification in sd module and was quite happy that I issued the build command with --all --ignore options. Once fixed that one and patched out some stlport-only features from the writerfilter module, the successful packaging process was announced at about 22:00.

The bottom-line is that the laptop survived it although it was nearly impossible even to read the e-mail while building. The temperature of the house was quite pleasant, partly also because the Sun (not Microsystems) decided to show up from Saturday morning. Nevertheless, the temperature of the air going out of the fan is indicating that putting that "laptop" on one's laps while building can be quite dangerous for reproductive health :-)