Thursday, October 11, 2007

Barcelona no s'acaba a Catalunya

libwpd 0.8.12, codename "Barcelona no s'acaba a Catalunya", left its mother's womb yesterday. Besides build fixes for the upcoming gcc 4.3, this release features initial (although not really so lame) support of tabulators for WP 2.x - 3.5e for Mac and WP 5.x for DOS/Windows file-formats, tabset conversion in WP 5.x, as well as some font ID to font name mappings for WP 1.x for Mac file-format. The cross-compilation framework was drastically updated and a compilation with Sun Studio 12 for Linux was also tested and this release is reputed to work with it.

As the name indicates, the major part of the code for this release was done during the wife-less nights spent at the OOoCon2007 in Barcelona. Although, as the name also indicates, some code was added even once outside the territory of the Paisos Catalans.

It is a free software released under LGPL and it is free as beer, so take it, taste it and enjoy it. The rpms for different SuSE and Fedora flavours can be found in my openSuSE build service home repository. The cross-compiled win32 binaries are to be found on the libwpd download page.

Besides the normal authors and contributors, the thanks for this release go to our very own Smokey Ardisson, to Rob Staudinger, Hub Figuiere and, last but not least, to my dearest employer, Novell, Inc. and its Innovation Time Off program.