Tuesday, March 02, 2010

DBus for windows in windows:mingw repositories

Last night two important new packages landed into windows:mingw:win32 and windows:mingw:win64 projects and repositories in openSUSE build service: mingw32-dbus-1 and mingw32-dbus-1-glib glib bindings for 32-bit Windows and mingw64-dbus-1 and mingw64-dbus-1-glib for 64-bit Windows. Although, they are known to work in certain setting, they might be buggy in others. So, if you build for Windows some package that needs Dbus, please use these rpms to solve that dependency. And if you find bugs, just report them against the corresponding repository. We will take care of investigating and pushing the reports up the stream.

As a nice result of this new packages would be that the development version of evolution-data-server and evolution should be buildable now on Windows too. Not tried yet though, but I know someone who did ;-)

Note that the dbus-1 package is based on the latest development tarball (1.3.0) and is brought to the level of recent git master by a patch inside the rpm package. The dbus-1-glib is basically the 0.84 tarball with a little patch allowing cross-compiling and disabling one test that hard-codes the use of Unix sockets.

So, please, use those packages, stress-test them and report all useful information.