Friday, June 17, 2011

LibreOffice Visio import filter - shaping up the baby

Maybe you were asking yourself what happened in the Google Summer of Code Visio Import filter project since last week. But even if you did not ask yourself this necessary question, here is some update about the baby:

The focus this week was mainly on shaping the baby up. Eilidh added to her blog a photo and an "About" line and then she got exhausted and decided to rest by coding. And it is like this that she implemented polylines, ellipses and circular arcs.

And since the images speak louder then any words, enjoy the look:

Microsoft Visio LibreOffice Draw
Visio Page 1 Draw Page 1
Visio Page 2 Draw Page 2
Visio Page 3 Draw Page 3

For those interested in some technical details, or even for those that desire to give hand, the code of the libvisio library is living here. And as usual, for any question or encouragement, feel free to join our #libreoffice-dev irc channel at, ping tibbylickle and pat her back, if she is not lost too deep inside her Emacs.