Tuesday, May 28, 2013

LibreOffice Google Summer of Code 2013 - selected projects

There is now again the period of the year when the results of Google Summer of Code selection are public. As for LibreOffice project, we have got 13 slots this year. We love you, Google! We really do!

Nonetheless, we had much more good applications then the slots and we had to do hard choices based on a variety of parameters. And the final line-up that came out is:

Project Student
Adding alterating row coloring to database ranges and supporting new structured reference syntax she91
Code completion in the Basic IDE stalker08
Extend support for Document Management Systems Cuong Cao Ngo
Implement Firebird SQL connector for LibreOfficeBase Andrzej Hunt
Implementing an about:config functionality Efe Gürkan YALAMAN
Implementing Proper Table Styles in Writer Ivan Nicolae-Alexandru
Impress Remote Control for iOS LIU Siqi
Improve toolbars in LibreOffice Prashant Pandey
Improved Android / Impress Remote Control Artur Dryomov
Slide Layout Extendibility Vishv Brahmbhatt
Use Widget Layout for the Start Center Krisztian Pinter
VLC integration into LibreOffice Minh Ngo
Writer: Border around characters Zolnai Tamás

Congratulations to the selected students. We expect you to be bonding hard during the community bonding period that just started. Your presence on IRC and even start of the hacking is required now!

For the students that unfortunately could not be selected, do not be discouraged. Your Easy Hack patches made a real difference, sorry it did not work out this time. The LibreOffice community is always welcoming and you can learn a lot just by staying around and working at your pace on your chosen Easy Hack.