Friday, May 23, 2014

librevenge 0.0.0 is out: Document Liberation Project's framework is available to be used

It is not without emotion that the Document Liberation Project announces today the first release of the new framework library, librevenge-0.0.0. This release means that the API of librevenge is now set into a stone (at least until the 0.1.x series) and thus the library can be used by willing filter-writers.

You might be familiar with some aspects of the librevenge framework from this blog or from this FOSDEM 2014 presentation. David Tardon started a nice serie of articles explaining how to use the framework. So, there are no valid excuses remaining not to use it and not to contribute to the world domination that is the ultimate destiny of the Document Liberation Project.

Standing on the shoulders of giants

But the first release of a new framework would be empty without mentioning those on shoulder of whom we stand. First we would love to thank Will Lachance and Mark Maurer for having started more then 10 years ago the development of libwpd. It is this library and its wise interface design that allowed us to move incrementally to the current framework. Thank you guys, you know that without you we would be nowhere!

Besides your servant, David Tardon, and Valek Filipov, we would love to single out a discrete person, who speaks little but codes a lot. It is Laurent Alonso, without whom we would never be able to recover a huge amount of old MacIntosh documents. We thank equally to all our past and present Google Summer of Code students, without whom the road would be much more thorny.

LibreOffice and The Document Foundation

It would be a very big mistake if we did not thank the project from which we all originate, the LibreOffice project. The community gravitating around LibreOffice creates is caring, encouraging and creates the right environment to foster innovation.

Last but not least, our thanks go to The Document Foundation that did not hesitate to take us under its umbrella and provide all the necessary institutional support.

How to contribute

Now a new phase starts and you can be part of it! There are many ways to contribute. You drop by at the #documentliberation-dev channel at There will always be someone to help you to join this exciting journey.

For more information about our activities, follow @DocLiberation on twitter, Join our Google plus community or like us on Facebook.